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“Wow, I didn’t see that coming”. That was the line of interior dialog that Martha kept hearing, rolling around her head like a marble trapped in a jar. She hadn’t expected it all to turn out this way. She felt confident that things would have gone differently, but years from […]

#28 Changes

So earlier this week I was googling something related to SQLite databases, and came across a rather interesting topic on reading them locally using Javascript. At the bottom of the ‘answer’, I found a link to a blog with more information: And what did I find when I went there? […]

This is Why You Save Everything Locally!

He settled into the seat with the drink. “That kinda tastes like chocolate milk”, she said as she glanced over at him. He nodded in reply, and she went back to her papers. He opened up the lid of the laptop and connected the wireless. A few dozen new emails […]

#25 Road Warrior