The Bookmarklet Combiner is Awesome – and So Are These Bookmarklets

A bookmarklet is a small piece of javascript code that is run by clicking on a bookmark on your browser’s toolbar. Lots of sites have them, and I use a bunch in my daily life. One thing that’s annoying is the requirement that each has it’s own bookmark on your toolbar – so after 3-4 bookmarks, you’re out of space! Thankfully there is a really cool tool named Bookmarklet Combiner which allows you to copy the javascript code from each of your bookmarklets into one “super” bookmarklet.

Here’s how it works. Load up the Bookmarklet Combiner and put in the Title and URL of each Bookmarklet you want to combine. You can get the Bookmarklet’s URL 1 of 2 ways.

  1. Open up your browser’s bookmark manager, locate the bookmarklet, and copy the code. It probably starts with ‘javascript:’
  2. I was able to drag the bookmarklet directly from the toolbar to the URL field in my browser (Chrome). It kept the “URL” text in the box, so you’ll want to remove that so that ‘javascript:’ is the first thing in the URL box.

Now add in all of your Bookmarklets and use the rest of the page to customize the combiner to your liking. Finally you’ll drag your new bookmarklet to the toolbar. Clicking on it should produce a full menu of bookmarklets you can then choose to run! Better yet, the Bookmarklet Combiner will give you a special link you can use to come back and edit your bookmark in the future!

So you say you’d love to combine some Bookmarklets but you don’t have many of them? Well here are the ones I use, they’re pretty awesome

There you go – a great collection to get you started!

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