November 28, 2021

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Curriculum Vitae

My full Curriculum Vitae , as well as selected publications and manuscripts may be downloaded below.

Jon Westfall’s C.V. (PDF)

Selected Articles & Working Papers

Knoll, M. A. Z., Appelt, K. C., Johnson, E. J., & Westfall, J. E. (2015). Time to retire: Why Americans claim benefits early & how to encourage delay. Behavioral Science & Policy, 1(1), pp. 53–62. Article Page & Full Text

Westfall, J.E., Jasper, J. D., & Corser, R. (2014). Handedness predicts motivation to switch from the status-quo. In press at Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain, & Cognition. Article Page PDF

Westfall, Jasper, & Christman (2012). Inaction Inertia, the Sunk Cost Effect, and Handedness: Avoiding the Losses of Past Decisions. Brain and Cognition Article Page PDF

Westfall, Kim, & Ma (2012). Locking the Virtual Filing Cabinet: A Researcher’s Guide to Internet Data Security. International Journal of Information Management. Article Page PDF

Westfall, Jasper, & Zelmanova (2010). Differences in Time Perception as a Function of Strength of Handedness. Personality and Individual Differences. Article Page PDF