This is Why You Save Everything Locally!

So earlier this week I was googling something related to SQLite databases, and came across a rather interesting topic on reading them locally using Javascript. At the bottom of the ‘answer’, I found a link to a blog with more information:

And what did I find when I went there? This:

An unhappy message saying that the owner of the blog had exceeded their bandwidth. A google Cache of the page seemed to be a good alternative, until you realize it doesn’t contain anything useful. So in other words, I have no idea if the content on that page would be useful or not in my quest!

This is why these days, when I do find content that’s useful, I immediately fire up Evernote. I’ve written before about how I use Evernote for scanning, and other neat things, and if you weren’t convinced then, just wait till you hit a 509 error in the future – then you might want to either start using Evernote or, at the least, the “Save page” feature of your browser to grab an HTML copy!

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