Formerly Fat


From adolescence until my late 20’s, I didn’t own a scale and didn’t care what my weight was. In 2011 I started a long journey from 415 down to, eventually in 2021, under 200 pounds, to a recomposed Jon 2.0 of 210 in 2023. This page has links to my entire journey.

Blog Posts

2011 – The Reduced Calorie Intake Plan

My first attempts, which you will see worked for awhile but then eventually saw me back to my max weight.

2018-2023 – The Big Plunge and Jon 2.0

As you can see from the graph above, by the time I’d hit 2017-18, I was back up to my highest weight. The blog posts below detail my next steps.

It’s been a crazy long journey, and I’ll keep updating this page as I have things to share! If you’ve got questions, need a bit of inspiration, or want me to talk to you or your group, feel free to Contact Me