#28 Changes

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming”. That was the line of interior dialog that Martha kept hearing, rolling around her head like a marble trapped in a jar. She hadn’t expected it all to turn out this way. She felt confident that things would have gone differently, but years from now she knew she would look back and see the event as inevitable. The culmination of a lifetime of struggles, hardships, excitements, victories, actions and inactions. Now she couldn’t believe it had happened, but farther off she knew it would all make sense. For now though, the world had changed around her, and she began the process of putting it all together as she could now comprehend it.

She only had one question – why was she so sure things would never change? She saw her previous self relying on the static world, and wondered why she didn’t appreciate it more while she had it. After all, she lived like she would have time forever, and it wasn’t until the heart attack today that she realized she didn’t.


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