#29 Leap Day

Jim the Bunny hopped everywhere. He hopped to his rabbit hole at night, he hopped out in the morning, and then hopped around all day. He hopped to his job as a Bunny Knitter, and he hopped to his part-time DJ’ing gigs on the weekend. He hopped repeatedly, rapidly, quickly, furiously, and furriously. The point is, he hopped everywhere.

So imagine his surprise the day in the Woods when everyone hopped. He’d never seen anything like it in his 3.75 years of life. Every animal, from Bob the Turtle to Jay and Kay the sheep, even Jabberpaw, was hopping all over the place. The only one who wasn’t hopping was Sylvester, the snake. He bopped his head up and down a bit as he slithered along, but no hopping.

“Hey Syl, what’s up – what’s with all the hopping today?”, Jim asked his snake friend.

“It’s Leap Day, stupid!”, Sylvester said with a hiss.

“What’s that?”, Jim said incredulously.

“It’s some weird day that only shows up every 4 years. Someone heard about it on the Internet and introduced it to us Woods residents about 20 years ago. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but every 1460 days or so we decide it’s time to hop around for a day. For all we know, it’s the only reason this place hasn’t gone up in a full-on forest fire.”, Sylvester explained.

“So you do something that makes no sense to you, to avoid a threat you aren’t even sure would happen, at an arbitrary time?” Jim asked.

“Yea, that sounds about right”, Sylvester said as he bopped his head up and down.

“If I wanted to that, I’d just join a religion!”, Jim said as he hopped away.

Author’s Note: Religion is great if it has meaning to you. Going through the motions, however, leads one to more confusion than satisfaction!


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