#24 I Heard It From a Friend

All lines from this poem are lyrics, since songs are simply music and poetry. Each lyric is linked to the song’s YouTube video.

I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another that I’m winning a hundred men or more‘s thoughts of you.
I’ve been searchin’ my soul, I took a little risk, with my fresh pressed khakis in a slingshot.
Never thinking of the future, I had sweet love but I lost it.
Neither you nor I’m to blame, it’s all about knowing what someone is feeling.
I’m a toddler with a complex toy, you always seem to give me another try.

Maybe you can remember yourself, together we’ll make history, that rebel moon is shining.
Don’t you want me?
I’m just a modern guy.
Feel it all with a willing heart. 

Forget all that, I’m on the right track.
To make it better, Baby get ready. 

Push me back to you.

I’m a hazard to myself. 

Alright, ride ’em

Bonus points if you can figure out the pattern I used to pick the next song.


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