#99 Finality

Everything ends, despite our wishes despite our hopes despite our dreams despite how hard we wish it wouldn’t. Everything finishes, despite our inability to see an alternative reality to perceive ourselves advancing to relive the past. Everything builds upon us, even though it feels trivial it seems larger than it is it ends. [SSDay]

#98 Invitation

Jim the Bunny looked at piece of paper skeptically. It simply read: You are invited to a gathering on May 10. Many exciting and interesting people and animals will be there. Jim had never received an invitation to anything before, much less a ‘gathering’ with ‘interesting people and animals’. He checked his FB account and… Continue reading #98 Invitation

#97 Text To Speech

Sam never claimed that she was the most ‘girlish’ of girls. If prompted, she could act extremely feminine, however her natural state was more tempered, less stereotypical. One area where she seemed similar and different to her peers came in her use of a cell phone. While most 20-year-olds are glued to their phones, Sam… Continue reading #97 Text To Speech

#96 What’s Next?

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!”, the brain of the author thought as he sat down to pen his Sunday night prose. “4 Left! And so much more I could say”, the brain continued. It was true. There was so much uncharted territory. Why not write a poem about polar bears, or a story about a traveling salesman named Martin… Continue reading #96 What’s Next?

#94 A Simpler Time

Five minutes ago was a simpler time One where I did not worry as much Then life changed to frantic from sublime Forcing decisions made in a clutch Five minutes doesn’t seem sufficient To turn one’s life upside down However fate appears very proficient It laughs as it knocks you around Five days action in… Continue reading #94 A Simpler Time

#93 White Wall

“Tag it man – hurry up!” Javier stood there, staring at the wall. It was freshly painted, gleaming in a light grey. “I will – I just want to make sure it’s perfect” “Dude – it’s your tag – you’ve sprayed it a dozen times – just spray it again and let’s get out of… Continue reading #93 White Wall

#91 The Inspiration Tap

“We’ve got an emergency sir!”, cried the CE. “Report!”, came back the reply from the SCE. “The tap has run dry!”, said his subordinate. “Nonsense – in all my 29 years as Senior Creative Engineer I’ve never seen the tap run dry!”, said the SCE indignantly. “Come see for yourself, sir”, the CE said to… Continue reading #91 The Inspiration Tap