#93 White Wall

“Tag it man – hurry up!”

Javier stood there, staring at the wall. It was freshly painted, gleaming in a light grey.

“I will – I just want to make sure it’s perfect”

“Dude – it’s your tag – you’ve sprayed it a dozen times – just spray it again and let’s get out of here before the cops show up!”.

They were merely steps away from the precinct – and despite it being early in the morning, way before dawn, the place buzzed with some activity from time to time.

Javier had never had this problem before. Perhaps it was “spray dysfunction” or “spray anxiety” – for some reason, the blank surface intimidated him, and stopped him in his tracks.

“You stupid idiot”, his companion called, “Fine, I’ll do it”.

Javier’s tag, slightly off as sprayed by his companion, appeared on the wall.

They scampered off.


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