#91 The Inspiration Tap

“We’ve got an emergency sir!”, cried the CE.

“Report!”, came back the reply from the SCE.

“The tap has run dry!”, said his subordinate.

“Nonsense – in all my 29 years as Senior Creative Engineer I’ve never seen the tap run dry!”, said the SCE indignantly.

“Come see for yourself, sir”, the CE said to his boss.

“My God… its dripping… quick – get a bucket and collect some of it – we need to get it to the Boss! He’s got 9 more stories to write!”, the SCE shouted.

“I know, he keeps putting our reply types after our text, he isn’t switching it up anymore – it’s like he isn’t even trying”, the CE said, no doubt annoying the Boss.

“It’s worse than we thought…”, the SCE said as he took the bucket to the Boss.

Silently, the Boss accepted the bucket.

“My faithful engineer”, he began, “The tap is under my control – I can start it or stop it as I wish. It’s an upgrade. I appreciate your concern”.

Author’s Note: The tap does ebb and flow, however as I get into the last few stories, I admit it will be nice to not have to push out so much creativity on a regular basis. On the plus side, I’ve got a lot of these insights into the creative process that I’m planning on sharing in later blog posts and the book!

Pipes! Pipes! © by Danndalf


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