#96 What’s Next?

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!”, the brain of the author thought as he sat down to pen his Sunday night prose.

“4 Left! And so much more I could say”, the brain continued.

It was true. There was so much uncharted territory. Why not write a poem about polar bears, or a story about a traveling salesman named Martin who finds his one true love in a coffee shop in Nebraska? It’s easy to get into projects, the brain thought, but ending them is another thing completely.

Yet all things must end in some fashion. And while we expect things like a daily twitter notification of mediocre storytelling, eventually it shall end. Better to have traveled the road than to not have started the journey, staying safe and at home, warm from the cold light of an ending.

Some say endings are just new beginnings, but make no mistake, things do end as we know them. We’ll never be able to return to that exact routine ever again. Our job is to simply cherish the memory, and embrace the opportunity to make new and radically different experiences rank with those of our past.


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