Chapter 25: The Coma

[nnwm15]   After Ryan’s apology, the group eventually returned to their discussion of summer camps. Mara hadn’t ever been to one, in fact, she’d never participated in any non-mandatory activity. Her parents sent her to school, but they never had much interest in sending her elsewhere. She told the group of the trips to the… Continue reading Chapter 25: The Coma

Chapter 24: Camp

[nnwm15]   The mountains lit up brighter than they’d seen in weeks. Bouncing colors flitting from peak to peak. The sky seemed lighter than usual, the world seemed to be in a state of activity, if that could exist. It was noticed by each member of the small group, spurring discussion.

Chapter 23: July

[nnwm15]   “What month is it?” “I think it might be July now” “I can’t believe that I’ve lost track of time, this never would have happened when I was a teacher” “It never would have happened when I was a student, counting down the days” Mrs. Corum and Sara Beth were both about right,… Continue reading Chapter 23: July

Chapter 14: Contact

[nnwm15]   If I go out there, there is no coming back. The girl sat alone in the park. It was near dusk, and the birds were beginning to fly up into the trees for the night. They didn’t like intruders mulling around below them, making a terrible racket whenever they sensed a disturbance. The… Continue reading Chapter 14: Contact

Chapter 5: The Meeting

[nnwm15]   “No, I can’t say that it ever got that bad”, G-ma said. The look on Mrs. Corum’s face was a bit crestfallen, obviously she had hoped that G-ma might empathize a bit more. G-ma noticed. They had been talking about their former lives outside of this place, specifically the low points. “I’m not… Continue reading Chapter 5: The Meeting

Chapter 2: G-ma

[nnwm15] Mrs. Corum stood there, blinking several times to be sure she was seeing what she thought she saw. There sitting before her was a woman, slightly older than herself, knitting. Well, she would have been knitting, if she had actually had yarn or knitting needles, but her fingers moved in concert as if they… Continue reading Chapter 2: G-ma

Chapter 1: Mrs. Corum

[nnwm15]   I hope you enjoy this story. In it we are introduced to Mrs. Corum, a lovely person, albeit a tired person. I haven’t decided on a title for this project yet, so for now we’ll just go with the Chapter titles. This is part 1 of 30. Happy NaNoWriMo! Mrs. Corum opened her eyes… Continue reading Chapter 1: Mrs. Corum