#87 Gene

Gene worked in a small company, there were only 623 employees. He spent his days traveling from client to client, explaining to each how working with his firm would benefit them. They all agreed, rarely turning down his proposals. It was a shame Gene didn’t get paid on commission. But the perks of the job were good, and he was happy.

Then one day Gene met the woman of his dreams. She lived next door to one of his recent clients. As Gene lived literally out of a suitcase, traveling so much as to be technically homeless (he obviously preferred hotels with guest laundry services!) Gene decided he wanted to court this young lady, so he asked his client if he had a room available for rent. He did, and Gene moved his suitcase in and began dating the girl next door.

Life was good until Gene’s client started a metal band and practiced night and day. Gene and his lady friend had nowhere to go – the racket was just as loud at her house next door. So they ran off together, and fell deeply in love. When the metal band phase of his client’s life ended, Gene and his fiancé moved back into the old neighborhood.

Did I mention that Gene is an honest-to-goodness comes-out-of-bottles genie? Eh, it’s not that important.

Bruce Gholson -Genie Bottle © by Bulldog Pottery


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