#56 Common Sense

He walks into the bank and sees the long queue line, empty as usual. Ignoring the looks of those around him, he unhooks the rope, walks beyond it, re-hooks it, and goes to the open window.

He leaves ample room in the traffic jam for those entering and exiting the lane, while the commuter next to him glues himself to the bumper of the car in front. In traffic he prefers to travel away from other vehicles – he calls them “accident packs” as they bunch up.

If he passes you, you won’t pass him again in a few miles after he slows down. He’s an avid user of cruise control when it’s safe.

At stores he confidently walks through the screaming security system – he knows he didn’t steal anything, and has nothing to prove. After all, what criminal is going to stop – and why should an honest man bother?

He makes others not so bold uncomfortable, but lives by the motto of “If it doesn’t hurt anyone else, why not do what makes sense”. It’s not his fault that the world has arbitrary rules that don’t always make sense. After all, he was raised in the generation that was told to ‘think for themselves’, so how can one blame him for doing just that?

Author’s Note: Yes, this is 56. It was written before 57, but I held off publishing it until today!


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