#52 Jim The Bunny Returns

Jim got off of the train car he’d hopped on to several hours earlier, and began to make his way back toward the Woods. He wasn’t back five minutes before he was hit in the back of the head by a rock.

“Who’s ruining my post-vacation buzz”, he said angrily.

“MEEEEEE”, growled Jabberpaw.

“Uh… Hi Jabber… Whatcha want”, Jim said as he noticed Jabber approaching rapidly.

“BILLLLL”, Jabberpaw snarled as he pulled from his pocket (Who knew bears had pockets?) his TurtleNet billing statement.

Now Jim knew full well why Jabber might be a bit upset. While traveling, Jim had jumped through a back door on one of Jabberpaw’s computers so he could stream video outside of IP restrictions (no jurisdiction in the world limits the Woods, IP wise). Jabberpaw probably exceeded his quota, which would explain his tightening grasp around Jim’s neck.

“Uh… hey buddy… can’t we work this out peacefully?”, Jim said as Jabberpaw dragged him away.

Several weeks later Jabberpaw was kickin’ it with Sylvester the snake, when Sylvester suggested they head back to Jabberpaw’s cave to watch a movie.

“Sound good”, Jabberpaw said as they moved toward his door. As he reached into his pocket for his keys, Sylvester noticed something strange.

“Hey Jabber – how long have you had that lucky rabbit foot’s keychain?”, Sylvester hissed. Syl hadn’t seen Jim in months, and his vacation was only supposed to last a few weeks.

“MONTH”, Jabber said, “Have it for 3 more weeks” he said as Sylvester looked at him quizzically.

It was only after Jabberpaw pulled the rest of his keychain out that he noticed that Jim had most definitely returned. Jim looked at him sadly as he emerged from Jabberpaw’s pocket, produced Jabberpaw’s key, unlocked the door, then was quickly shoved back in the bear’s humongous pocket.

“Great keychain”, Jabberpaw said with a smirk, “opens door for you”.

Bunny © by Moyan_Brenn


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