#38 Brussel Sprouts

I like them, she doesn’t
I pretend they’re little green heads
she believes they are vegetable horrors
Why the hate?

Author’s Note: Short and sweet tonight – just like my wife who has agreed to try cooking Brussel sprouts for the first time since we’ve been together. She’s got an incredibly complex recipe for them, but hey, in the end I get my sprouts and she gets to pretend they aren’t vegetables. She was happy to find out they grow on stalks though. I was unimpressed.


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  1. How I got to like brussels sprouts was interesting.  Growing up, my mom always boiled them first, sucking all the flavor out of them and making them mushy.  In restaurants, however, they dont’ do it that way.  They trim the very top and very bottom off, then just drizzle olive oil and salt and pepper on them, toss them in a pan, and roast them in the oven.  That’s how I like ’em, and I have to say, it totally turned me around on them.  Aside from corn (which Beth argues isn’t really a vegetable), sprouts are my absolute favorite made that way.  I love ’em when they get a little bit browned (ie: a little overdone) and they have a nice crunch to them.


    1. I think Karey and I now have a bunch of alternate preps for them. One of them will turn her around on them, I’m sure.

      P.S. – just so happens that I saw your comment right as we’re heading out the door for some Five Guys. Awesome food Sunday has begun.

      1. I’m assuming you’re going to the one in Cortlandt Town Center.  If so, good freakin’ luck.  Couldn’t even get in the door there yesterday.  We ended up going to Mohegan Diner which was a pretty spectacular alternative.

  2. Brussel sprouts are awesome!  Olive oil, salt and sliced almonds with brussel sprouts is amazing.  They have to be little and fresh though – the big ones don’t taste as good.  Off to go google images of brussel sprouts growing….

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