#37 What If

What if in the moment that we die, death arrives
offering us the opportunity to stay in that second
for as long as we like.
How long do we stay behind?

What if we’re not waiting for the next big thing.
We’re in the next big thing, and won’t realize it
until the little things return.
Will we be happy with our actions?

What if time is more subjective than we believe, and
the only thing holding us back is
our own expectations?
Can we find the secret to controling it’s pace?

What if the meaningless conversations we have,
are actually the most important ones
we will ever have with another human.
Would we appreciate them more?

What if we’re only supposed to enjoy life,
our plan is not to conquer or accomplish.
Our plan is to simply exist.
Could we handle that reality?

What if my victory is really a defeat to 1,000
and the victories of 1,000 are only a small setback
to me.
How would I live with myself?

What if your life can’t be measured by any number
but only by a thought, emotion, or mood.
Of those around you.
What is your rating?


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