#32 A Happy Story

Tony couldn’t believe his eyes – all the numbers matched. He’d won the lottery on the same day that his wife came back and his dog survived a near-fatal disease! This really capped off a stellar week – it had only been a few days since his estranged daughter phoned to tell him that she forgave him, that she’d gotten married, and that she had just given birth to twins that Tony absolutely had to come meet. Especially since her activist husband was in Europe accepting a Nobel prize, and she needed someone to look after the twins while she attended a few board meetings.

It’s hard to believe, but Tony didn’t always have this sort of luck. Previously he’d suffered some extreme setbacks in his life, all of which I could write about but they’d just annoy you and make you sad. Isn’t it a lot better if I just focus a bit more on how totally awesome and great Tony’s life had become? I mean, the man was now a multimillionaire with an awesome family, a magical dog, and professional fulfillment (Oh how careless of me – I forgot to mention that he was bought the lottery ticket after attending the launch party for his new business). Yep, life was great for Tony.

Author’s Note: I can write happy stories… I just don’t tend to since they’re pretty bland!


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