May 16, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Peer Pressure

For every kid whose parent warned them about peer pressure, consider this. Each morning this winter, I’ve stood on the train platform, safely enclosed in a small heated room, provided to commuters to wait in. The room isn’t very big, but its big enough, and its about 60 degrees, as opposed to the below freezing temps outside.

Each morning, a lady I don’t know, comes in with me for a few minutes. She then sees a friend outside and usually makes some comment about her rugged friend who is braving the elements. She then, reluctantly, goes out to join her. I don’t think she wants to, I think she’s somewhat hesitant to not appear tough. Why she cares? Who knows. All I can figure is that Peer Pressure doesn’t end after adolescence.

In the image below are the “roughing it” women I took it from the relative warmth of the little room.