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Mr. Finny owned the diner in town for over 40 years. His clients included the mayor, the city council, and pretty much anyone who worked within a square half-mile of his centrally located establishment. He was known to serve tasty food at competitive prices, and while newer, fancier, and more specialized […]

#89 The To-Go Cone

Gene worked in a small company, there were only 623 employees. He spent his days traveling from client to client, explaining to each how working with his firm would benefit them. They all agreed, rarely turning down his proposals. It was a shame Gene didn’t get paid on commission. But […]

#87 Gene

“I think I can fly, Jazz”, Kitty said to her roommate. “Why do you think that”, Jazz replied. “Because sometimes, when I’m jumping from really tall things to really short things, it almost feels like I could glide up – like dip and come back up, you know?”, Kitty replied. […]

#86 I Think I Can Fly

I’m writing this from the window seat of Metro-North Railroad’s car 6306. Almost 3 years ago when I started taking these trains I kept a list of the cars that I’d been on, curious when I’d repeat cars. It took about 2 weeks. I’ve probably been on 6306 many times […]

Day in the NYC Life