About Your Instructor

Our learning management system asks us to write an “About your Instructor” page for our students. Here’s Fall 2023’s – I think I’ve reached peak “This is who I am”…

I was born last century, the only offspring of artists who both never had the opportunity to complete a college degree. From an early age I knew I wanted to be a psychologist, but still to this day do not know what made me decide on this path. Perhaps it was Bob Newhart’s portrayal of a forever frustrated psychotherapist in The Bob Newhart Show, or maybe it was the fact that a large number of Michael Crichton’s novels portray a positive behavioral scientist. Regardless, from day one of college, I was a psychology major.

And yet I was also a complete computer geek as a teenager – teaching myself to program, administer, and network computers as soon as I could get my hands on them. My background in information technology is outlined on my blog’s About Me page but I’ll save you the time – suffice it to say, I know a lot about (and have written a lot about) technology. Which brings me to my hobbies – writing, creating, crafting, and spending time with family and a small circle of friends. Mid-career, I am your typical eccentric professor. Ask me questions, and you’ll get surprising answers. Engage with me, and I will try, in some small way, to improve your life through knowledge.

If you’re one of my new or returning students this fall, welcome to class. And if you’re just passing through, welcome to my corner of the internet.

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