Registering a Car in the State of Mississippi

There are things in life that one just knows or assumes. Then there are things that are hidden, obscured, confusing, or that no good source on the Internet exists for. This is one of the latter.

So in case you don’t know…

  • If you buy a car from a dealer in the state of Mississippi, and you live in Mississippi, all you need to take to the tax assessor is your yellow bill of sale copy. Bring a check to pay the crazy taxes, and you’ll walk out with your license plate.
  • If you buy a car from a dealer OUTSIDE MISSISSIPPI, and you live in Mississippi, you need to wait up to 7-9 working days for that dealer to send the information to the tax assessor. You only have 7 working days (9 if out of home county) before crazy penalties apply.

If you live somewhere else, hopefully someone else wrote up this information for you somewhere.

Source: Personal experience, 2/22/2017

Frustration: Thinking that the dealer had to send information that they, do not in fact, need to send!

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