Hiding your Apple Watch in Plain Sight

So, you’ve got a fancy Apple Watch, but sometimes don’t want to show it off. Maybe you’re going to a part of town where your watch might make you a target for crime, or maybe you want to customize your watch without permanently changing it, or maybe you just like to throw people off. Well have no fear – I have the answer.

This is my Apple Watch, it’s pretty normal in all regards. I purchased it the night it was available for order, with the black sport band. Since then I’ve upgraded the band (well, honestly I’ve bought a few bands…) and wear it daily. I’m happy with it.

42mm Apple Watch with Link Bracelet

Anyone who knows about the Apple Watch knows that they aren’t exactly cheap. Unfortunately criminals know about this too, and without something like Activation Lock (Which is coming, but not here yet), wearing this particular watch could make you a pretty appealing target. But from a distance, it looks a lot less expensive dressed up like this…

Jony Ive’s nightmares look like this…

What have I done to my beautiful Apple Watch?!? Well, actually nothing that can’t be undone. First, I picked up a set of bumper cases off Amazon for about $14. They included 5 colors, and are easy to slip on and off as needed

Next I bought what I can only classify as the world’s cheapest “leather” band from eBay. I think I paid around $14 again, and it came with the adapter I’d need to attach it to the Apple Watch (A handy thing to have if you have other watch bands of higher quality you might want to use). So for $30 or so, I had my Apple Watch’s disguise.

Why would you take a $1,000 investment and make it look like some goofy oversized toy with a questionable leather band? Well as I noted, camouflage is one reason. Also the bumper cases by themselves can add some protection if you’re going to be doing something that might cause damage to the watch case. Moving boxes around tight doorways comes to mind. They’re also nice for accessorizing – Delta State’s colors are Green and Black, so I’ll put the green bumper on for “Go Green” Fridays (With a nicer black band). In the end, maybe you just want to mess with people (or avoid having people ask to play with your watch). Whatever the reason, you too can hide your Apple Watch in plain sight!


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  1. I was actually looking some info of cases that would disguise my Apple Watch booking cheap or regular watch but pictures on your blog doesn’t load. I badly wanted to check them.

  2. I work at a loser company MTC who runs a prison in California. The idiot A/W banned all apple watches so I know 3 people who have disguised the apple watches even changed the bottom plate to look like a G-shock and they have been bringing them in for 2 years undetected

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