#55 Apostrophe Shrugged

“I don’t get it”, Apostrophe said to his friend, Comma. “People keep calling me up at all hours to go sit in “its” when they obviously want possession and not a contraction”.

“It’s your own fault Apos”, Comma said with a smile, “Just like me, people have figured out how darn useful you are, and sometimes they throw you in where you’re not needed”.

“I feel like a grammatical failure”, Apostrophe said sadly.

“Oh come now, you’re not a failure”, Comma said reassuringly.

“But I’m so misused, it’s horrible”, Apostrophe cried.

“No, what’s horrible are our friends who aren’t used at all – take ole Guillemmets – no one uses him at all except to be ‘cute'”, Comma said, “And poor Slash is always getting confused between his back and front!”.

“Yea, but it’s different to be overused incorrectly”, Apostrophe said.

“Hey buddy – at least you’re not Hyphen or Dash – those guys have complained for years”, Comma replied.

“Well… I guess it could be worse”, Apostrophe said as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Yea, at least we’re not…”, Comma started.

INTERROBANG!“, they said in unison.

And off in the typesetting wilderness, Interrobang sighed.

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