#49 Pete’s Breakfast

Pete woke up to a flash of light entering his bedroom. The sun appeared to arrive instantly, blazingly bright. With a quick yawn, he stood on both feet and wandered over to a mirror. He looked like an absolute mess, and it was during his grooming ritual that he noticed his roommate, Zak, heading toward the remains of last night’s dinner, still in the same spot they left it.

“Hey, don’t eat it all!”, yelled Pete.

Zak didn’t pay any attention, he began eating in slow, controlled bites. Despite his reserved eating style, Pete was afraid there wouldn’t be any left for him. They perpetually ate leftovers, neither one enjoying the chore of finding food outside the house.

“I said, don’t eat it all!”, Pete said again.

“I’ll eat what I want”,  Zak said in reply.

“Sometimes Zak”, Pete said as he pushed Zak aside, “You make me so angry!”

Birds eating grains © by imaginextra

(Top image: morning © by katerha)


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