#20 Jabberpaw FAQ

Everything you’d want to know about our torrent loving bear friend.

Name: Jabberpaw T. Mezzyuup

Occupation: Scary bear in the woods

Age: 10

Favorite Color: Grey

Favorite Food: Bunny rabbits

Favorite Leisure Activity: Watching movies, chilling in his cave, terrorizing smaller animals.

Best Friend: Sylvester the Snake

Internet Service Provider: TurtleNet (For now… may be switching to RodentWire in the near future).

Jabberpaw, known as “Jabber” to his friends and soon to be eaten enemies, lives in the Woods along with the lovable cast we’ve already met in previous stories. Jabber spends most of his time sleeping, or wandering around looking for food. When he isn’t hungry or tired, he retires to his massive home entertainment set up, and watches various television shows (such as Jersey Shore, American Idol, and anything on Bravo), and a number of movies he’s downloaded or streamed. He has an active subscription to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and a variety of other lesser-known services. He frequently trolls usenet groups looking for various unsavory things. He also enjoys fishing, with his favorite rod being simply his ginormous paw. Jabber was born of Mr. & Mrs. Mezzyuup, who moved from the Woods to Florida a number of years ago. Jabber is an only child, introverted, and typically known as a loaner. He briefly dated Bob the Turtle’s cousin, Rita, but it didn’t work out.


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