#1 Bob the Turtle & Jim The Bunny

It’s been a pretty stressful month for me, so to release, I figure I should start a new creative writing project called A Short Story a Day. Today’s short story is a bit whimsical (and uses a bit of ‘strong’ language, so reader discretion is advised) and is my start on this journey. Let’s see if I can make it to my end goal, which I will keep to myself!

Bob the Turtle & Jim The Bunny


Once upon a time there was a turtle named Bob. Bob decided to go for a walk one day, and unfortunately toppled himself onto his hard shell back. Bob was helpless, but fortunately spied his friend Jim the bunny.


“Jim, help me get flipped back over”, cried Bob.


“You got the 5 bucks you owe me Bob?”, replied Jim.


“Damnit Jim, I told you, I’m not paying you back that $5 – you told me lunch was on you!”, retorted the upsided-down Bob.


“Whoa – not on your life you lying green reptile bastard! I told you I’d give you $5 for a soda and fries, and you said you’d pay me back”, said Jim.


“Can’t we talk about this after I can see you right-side up?”, asked Bob.


“Hell no!”, replied Jim, “You gonna give me that $5 or are you going to stay upside down?”.


Bob thought about this for a moment. Disregarding the fact that Jim had clearly given him the $5 during lunch time yesterday, and disregarding the fact that Jim was being a real prick about this, seeing that Bob was upside down and all, Bob decided to capitulate.


“Fine jackass, flip me and I’ll give you the $5”, replied Bob.


Jim came over and head-butted Bob back onto his feet. Bob fished out a €5 note and gave it to Jim.


“What the hell is this Bob? I said $5, not this funny European paper”, replied Jim.


“It’s all I got! And it’s worth more than $5 you dummy”, said Bob.


“But now I gotta go to the bank and exchange it – they don’t take Euros down at Bunnymart you ass”, said Jim as he hopped away.


The End

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