Toolschool 2023 Resources

Below are links to everything we’ll talk about, you can jump right in and get started now if you want to!

First, here’s the slides in case you want to reference them…

Microsoft Bookings

Allows you to set up a booking webpage that will read directly from (and write to) your Delta State calendar. Set up here. Also, Andrea has written a very nice step-by-step at this link.

TurnItIn AI Detection

First, request a TurnItIn Account from the DSU Library if you don’t already have one.

Collaborative Learning in Office 365

A few links that might be of assistance as you explore:

Google Forms / Sheets for Entry/Exit/Polling

Check out this blog post for more information.

Downloading Canvas Submission Comments in Python

First, set up Python (Instructions)

Next, install the Python API wrapper for Canvas (Instructions, or just type

pip install canvasapi

at the command line).

Next download the Python script and save it to your computer. Finally..

  1. Request an API key through my school’s Canvas instance (Instructions here)
  2. Modify the script to add my API URL, Key, and the Course ID (I got the course ID by looking at the web URL / address at the top of my browser when going to my Canvas course)
  3. Run the script, dumping it to a text file (I named the script “”, so I ran “python3 > comments.txt” in my terminal window.

More information and an example of what it looks like in Excel can be found here.

Live Presentations

Here’s a link to Ahaslides!

Andrea’s Unorthodox Aktivstes Slides!