Recommendation Letter Guidelines

Thank you for asking me to write you a letter of recommendation. Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Provide complete documentation on where your letter should go – who should I address the letter to? Where should I send it? what is the mailing or email address?
  2. Provide your resume or vita as you submitted to the graduate school / company.
  3. Provide all forms required for submission (some graduate programs have special forms your recommenders are supposed to fill out, others have you sign a waiver that must be included).
  4. If you need me to mail the letter, please provide a stamped, addressed, envelope that I can mail the letter in.
  5. Provide all documentation that I may need to write you an awesome letter, including whatever you’ve submitted to the graduate school / company, your recent accomplishments, or anything you would like me to highlight in my letter (I cannot promise it will be there, but I will try to incorporate it).

All Letters Must be Requested at least 4 weeks before they are due. Letters requested in less than 4 weeks may not be possible – check with me first.

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