Students are watching the NOVA episode featuring IBM’s Watson. Consistently one of the most “memorable” classes in Learning and Memory. Leave it to Watson to not only dominate at Jeopardy, but also to upstage this humble prof! [phoneitin]

Coloring as An Adult

One of my favorite smartphone photo editing effects is selective color removal. I used to love Camera360 for this, however they removed this feature a few years ago. Since then I’ve been looking for an app that will automatically select color, not one where I need to “paint” the area I want. The latest contender… Continue reading Coloring as An Adult


“Nudging” refers to subtly prompting someone toward one choice or course of action. In the Choice Architecture world, it’s seen as a way to help those who need it make better decisions, while not heavy-handed-ly dictating what to do. But when does it go from helpful to annoying? 2 words: Facebook Notifications! Yes, I know… Continue reading Nudging


It’s been said that seldom do well behaved women make history. Extending this, rarely do well behaved cats exist in history. In other words, mischievous kitty who innocently sleeps on the bed, I’m keeping my eye on you! [phoneitin]

A New Feature: Phoning It In

Increasingly, the smartphone has become the way that we communicate with each other. And so in that vein, I’ve decided to start a new feature on my blog called phoning it in. All posts here are completely composed via my phone. What will you see here? Short, pithy thoughts, poems, jokes, commentary, and anything else… Continue reading A New Feature: Phoning It In