Hi, It’s Me, Your Professor

Dear Student in Fall Twenty Two

Time to Start School, It’s True!

Your Weird Prof Mentioned His Site

You Went There One Night

And Found This Poem – Woohoo!

Welcome student (or wanderer on the Internet), I’m glad you found this post. I try to make one of these every so often, in case students Google me or just wander over to my website. I probably talked a little bit about myself on the first day of class, but in case you need a refresher on the important points:

  • I’m a psychology professor who also has a long background in Information Technology, has written several books, enjoys creative writing, knitting, crocheting, biking, walking, and a ton of other random things.
  • I used to weigh 200 pounds more – if you’re curious about that, check out my Formerly Fat! page.
  • I am a pretty accessible person – you can Schedule an Appointment with me anytime by using the link to the right. You can also contact me in a variety of ways.

That’s about it! Happy to have you here and in class!

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