Living and Blogging in 3/4 Time

It’s been awhile since my last post, and I have some very good reasons for that – and despite what one of my favorite artists would sing, Summerzcool is not where the courses are easy and there are no rules! Read on for a life update!


As you may have guessed, despite work being my life most days, my mind wanders to the vacation I have planned in the near future (And yes, it’s Jimmy Buffett themed). Quite a change considering that I haven’t taken a formal vacation in the summer pretty much ever. The closest I came was a trip to Disney 3 years ago, although that was also to see a friend who was there for a conference.  What’s been keeping me busy enough that I figured I needed a vacation? Well here are some life updates.

  • I’ve taught classes pretty much all summer – Psychology of Human Sexuality in May Intersession, Judgment and Decision Making in Summer I, and now Psychology of Unexplained Belief in Summer II. Fun courses to teach, with great students as always. Psychology of Unexplained Belief is a new preparation for me – it’s a bit of a mix of readings, around the central theme of “Why do we believe things without evidence?”.
  • I’ve worked hard to get this next year of First Year Seminar up and running. We even have a blog now just for FYS. Keep an eye on it during the fall for updates and pictures.
  • I’ve also been working hard to recruit the next cohort of Okra Scholars! Since taking the position of Coordinator in mid-May, it’s been a fun ride to get ready for the next year – new and returning students will be in for some real treats when they see what the team has planned.
  • On a personal note, Karey & I are super excited that we’ll have a niece to spoil come early Fall. It will be our first time as an aunt and uncle, but I think we’ll be OK – we got some good experience when our godson, Kaden, was born earlier this year. We are now experts at showing up, giving gifts, playing for a few days, and then leaving!

Despite all the work, I’m still amazed at the implicit relaxation that summer holds. Less scheduled time means more spontaneous interactions, whether it’s conversations with my colleagues in the division of Counselor Education & Psychology (Or others in the College of Education & Human Sciences) or lunch with the Student Success crew. Random FaceTime and Skype sessions, Xbox gaming, and more. So in a way, life does feel as though it’s passing in 3/4 time, recharging my batteries for Fall!

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