Colleagues of mine have looked at the interesting relationship between anticipating a favorable event (Savoring) and lumbering up to an unforable event while forlorn (Dread). And I can attest to experiencing both of those emotions. Thankfully today it’s the former, not the latter.

The earliest rumors of the Apple Watch date back to 2012, and as a smartwatch geek (My first smartwatch was the Timex Datalink 70 (then a 150) back in 1996), I’ve been waiting ever since for the newest and greatest wrist accessory. Not much happened from about 2000 to 2008, with only the Microsoft Spot Watch being the only real contender for much of that time (Before Microsoft axed it). But as of late, we’ve been lucky with the Pebble (which I have the Kickstarter edition of, as well as the Pebble Steel that’s currently on my wrist), the Android Wear watches, and now the Apple Watch.

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I’ll place the Pebble in my watchbox and try on my Apple Watch. Until then, I’m in Smartwatch Savor mode.

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