Mandate: Jon’s Interactive Book Project

So for awhile I’ve been thinking of writing a novel, and tonight an idea came to me. 2 ideas actually, and I’m going to tell you 1% of the first idea, and 100% of the second. Confused? OK, let’s go…

The 1% of the first idea? The title of the book will be “Mandate”. That’s all you’ll know about it until it’s done. And I think you’ll be interested in it, because you have the chance to be a part of it. Remember those “Choose your own adventure” books you may have read as a kid (or bored adult)? Well the idea here is sorta like that. I have an idea for how the book is going to go – the characters that will be written about, the general plot, the point of conflict, and even a bit of a twist. But the details are missing – the little events that make a story interesting to read. And here is where I think my friends and twitter followers may be able to help me out – by simply answering a few tweets or facebook posts with how you would react in a certain situation. I’ll take the best (or worst, or funniest) responses and incorporate them into the book (and I’ll even include the original question and answer, along with your name, in a footnote*). So in a way, we’ll be writing the book together.

So Starting soon, You’ll see Twitter & Facebook posts from me that start “Mandate:” and have a question attached. If you have a good (or even not so good) answer, feel free to let me know however you’d like. I may hint from time to time which answers are in the “running”, or I may not. And along the way I plan to let a few details drop on the actual plot – but not enough to ruin the surprise. If you’re ready to jump in, I’m ready to write!

* I should note that by submitting an idea to me, you agree to grant me a non-revocable license to use your idea (with attribution) and give up any claim to authorship/copyright/royalties of the book. After all, these may be your small details, but it’s my zany creative streak making them come to life within my book!

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