[nnwm15]   “What month is it?” “I think it might be July now” “I can’t believe that I’ve lost track of time, this never would have happened when I was a teacher” “It never would have happened when I was a student, counting down the days” Mrs. Corum and Sara […]

Chapter 23: July

[nnwm15]   “Julie is my sister, and all, but I just can’t help feeling what I feel”, Jamie said as the others scowled at her with a look of confusion and shock. “I just wondered if, now that Julie is thinking more about us in her imagination, we’d have something […]

Chapter 19: The Future

[nnwm15]   Many years ago, when she was about Jamie’s age, G-ma had learned how to knit from her grandmother. The old woman would sit by her fireplace, in a rocking chair, knitting sweaters for her family. It was a stereotypical scene, admittedly, but one that G-ma observed for years […]

Chapter 22: The Long and Winding Road

[nnwm15]   Ryan was quiet for the next few days, seldom making eye contact with the rest of the group. It was obvious to all that the revelation he’d forced out of Mara had affected him in some way. Ryan could be cruel, but it didn’t seem like he was […]

Chapter 21: Dark Thoughts

[nnwm15]   Ryan sat there, painfully aware that things were changing for the worse. For the past few weeks, as he snuck off to the light valley, he had found something that could bring out the best in him, and with that so weak now, his demons were returning.

Chapter 20: YouTube

[nnwm15]   The next day the mountains turned red once more, and the cycle repeated itself. The following day, however, they lit up sporadically, but no flash of red appeared, and no pain or despair came upon the group. Ryan had stood up early that morning and decided to go […]

Chapter 18: Torment and Resent

[nnwm15]   When Mara turned 13, she decided that she was entitled to at least one night free of torment, so she decided to sneak out around 7 PM and go see a movie with her friend Jessica. Her dad didn’t like her out after dark, so generally she didn’t […]

Chapter 17: Pain

[nnwm15]   Sara Beth knew she couldn’t tell Mara’s secret to the rest of the group, but at the same time, she also thought it was something Mara might want to mention at some point since it would, likely, get the others to stop wondering so much about her. Sara […]

Chapter 16: Lows and Highs

[nnwm15]   They’re all staring at me Mara sat about 20 feet away from the rest of the group. It had been a tiring few hours with them. She’d learned all about their past, while successfully keeping them away from her’s. The boy had come back, and she learned his […]

Chapter 15: The Sins of the Father

[nnwm15]   If I go out there, there is no coming back. The girl sat alone in the park. It was near dusk, and the birds were beginning to fly up into the trees for the night. They didn’t like intruders mulling around below them, making a terrible racket whenever […]

Chapter 14: Contact