Actually Keep a Diary / Journal with Day One and Workflow

For years I’ve tried to keep a daily diary / journal and have struggled with two problems: Remembering to write, and finding something to write. Lately I’ve tackled the second, and the first is easily solved when you think about it…

In this exercise, I’m using 2 apps on iOS: Day One, an excellent diary app, and Workflow, an excellent automation app. I’ve created a little Workflow module that does the following:

  • Downloads a daily motivational quote (although you could replace this with any RSS feed item)
  • Looks up my calendar for the day
  • Asks me 2 questions (In my example: What do I plan on doing, and how will I do good that day)
  • Rolls it all together and creates a new entry in Day One.

So with 1 tap of the Workflow shortcut, I have my phone prompting me to create my diary entry (and I can customize the workflow whenever I like). You can get my Morning Journal Workflow here if you’ve already got Workflow installed.

So get Workflow, Get Day One, and get journaling. Having problems with the first issue (i.e. remembering?). Well, just ask Siri to remind you or set a reminder to recur daily. Problems solved!

7 Replies to “Actually Keep a Diary / Journal with Day One and Workflow”

  1. Hi Jon! Great Addition to workflow. I just bought it just to use your workflow. Unfortunately the link seems to be down. Could you update that? Thanks a lot!

  2. Is there anyway to have the script automatically tag the entry? I have a morning and evening journal workflow but I’d like to have the entry tagged during creation.

      1. Perhaps you’ve found this by now (very late reply but I’ve just started working with Workflow and have been searching for examples). The Create Day One Entry input includes a field for tag and journal specifications.

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