Being a Geek Means Sometimes Having To Explain Yourself

Got an interesting phone call this morning from a company that sells Voice over IP (VOIP) hardware and accessories on a Business to Business basis. They had my name in their customer database and were quite confused as the company name I had listed was simply “Jonathan Westfall”. The conversation went something like this: Sales… Continue reading Being a Geek Means Sometimes Having To Explain Yourself

Migrate A Google Sites to a Google Apps Installation

After much gnashing of teeth and cries of angst, I was able to move a Google Site to a Google Apps Installation. In the end, it was actually really simple… The first approach was to use the Google-Sites-Liberation tool, published recently on Google code, which looked very promising. However I soon found 2 issues with… Continue reading Migrate A Google Sites to a Google Apps Installation

Get Off Your Lazy *** and Set up Google Reader!

I often talk with people who spend just as much time as me (or more) surfing various blogs and sites to keep up on news in a broad array of areas. One complaint is usually that people miss material, or material is posted so rapidly that they feel overwhelmed. A solution to this is to… Continue reading Get Off Your Lazy *** and Set up Google Reader!

Microsoft and LG Sign Mobile Collaboration Pact…E4A211720081103 “Microsoft Corp. and South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc on Monday said they had signed a preliminary agreement on strategic collaboration in mobile technology. “The agreement ensures continued strategic collaboration in R&D, marketing, applications, and services in the field of converged mobile devices,” LG said in a statement.” flickr: Orin Optiglot So Koo was like… Continue reading Microsoft and LG Sign Mobile Collaboration Pact

Scott Jordan Signature System: How Geek Can Meet Chic Product Category: ClothingManufacturer: SCOTTEVESTWhere to Buy: SeV StorePrice: $340 USD ($250 for Quantum Jacket; $140 for Fleece 5.0)System Requirements: Body ranging from XS to XXXL SizesSpecifications: 52 pockets, cable management through channels / pocket passthroughs, removable hood (Quantum Jacket), removable sleeves (Fleece 5.0), various specially designed features such as key holders, bottle holders, and… Continue reading Scott Jordan Signature System: How Geek Can Meet Chic

Offsite Articles & Reviews

The following articles and reviews have been written by me, and posted at Pocket PC Thoughts Articles Missing Parts and Bad Communication: The AKU 2 / A2DP Situation Tips Goodbye Annoying Password Time-Out Problem Casual Developers – Create A Virtual Development Workstation Software & Accessory Reviews ThumbMagic (Quick Look) Multidmedia's Zinc V2 For Pocket PC… Continue reading Offsite Articles & Reviews

Amazing Virtual Machines

I just set up a new Virtual Machine and am still amazed by this technology. I don’t know why, but I love the idea of hosting multiple OS’s off of one physical set of hardware. The inner geek in me really thrives on this kinda stuff! Oh yea, less than 24 hrs to Thesis Defense…

From Behind the Mic

New Contributing Editor-in-Training at PPCT – head over and say Howdy! I’m quickly going from “new guy” just under 2 years ago to “veteran”… wow. From Behind the Mic As a radio announcer, it’s rare that I step from behind the microphone, but as the newest member of the Contributing Editor-in-Training team, it’s time to… Continue reading From Behind the Mic

Cyber Crime Getting Organized

Feed: Wired News: Top Stories Posted on: Friday, September 15, 2006 8:15 AM Author: Wired News: Top Stories Subject: Cyber Crime Getting Organized If you read the news, you’d think that most cyber criminals are lonely, maladjusted teenage hackers stealing credit card numbers from their windowless rooms. But the real damage is being done by… Continue reading Cyber Crime Getting Organized