#81 Aquarium

Aquarium Day Fish are Tasty, Today I Watch And Plan My Attack! Authors Note: No, you will not be seeing my picture on the news for eating the inhabitants of the Aquarium Karey & I are visiting today, don’t worry. [SSDay]

#76 Ever Notice

Ever notice to your dismay that 6 AM is ok on Sunday But during the week when you wish to sleep There is no keeping the alarm at bay! Authors Note: I’m going to try to get some more sleep today, but we’ll see… grr! [SSDay]

#57 Fifty Six Is Waiting

Fifty Six is waiting you see For the right time to appear Trust that this gap is intentionally Fifty Six will soon be here Authors Note: 56 seriously is written, however I’m going to hold off on publishing it for a bit for personal reasons. We’ll jump to 57 for now 🙂 [SSDay]