Fennec Pre-Alpha Released

http://blog.mozilla.com/blassey/200…windows-mobile/ “This release is pre-alpha, and intended to get the product into the hands of early adopters in order to get feed back and bug reports. In order to focus our efforts on getting this release out, we have targeted only one device, the HTC Touch Pro. This has a number of user interface implications,… Continue reading Fennec Pre-Alpha Released

One Line Wisdom: Windows Mobile Edition

In the past we’ve asked you to share your best tips with the community, and in the same vein comes my newest talking point, the elusive yet useful joys of a small nugget of wisdom. Your mission, dear community, is to share one short line of wisdom that you might give to new users of… Continue reading One Line Wisdom: Windows Mobile Edition

MobiForms Latest Release Adds More To Mobile Database Sync

http://www.mobiforms.com/ “Following the global success of the inituitive drag and drop mobile application development tool MobiForms Developer, the team at MobiForms are proud to announce the release of the MobiForms Advanced edition. The MobiForms Advanced edition includes the MobiForms Developer and the new MobiForms Sync Server. The MobiForms Sync Server (MSS) is a complementary tool… Continue reading MobiForms Latest Release Adds More To Mobile Database Sync

LocateMe Winners Found!

http://www.appliedpda.com The winners of the LocateMe contest this past week have been chosen, so in no particular order, here they are! Congratulations to hotdram, fxcoupeman83, rookcnu, j2inet, and looneytoone! If you’re a winner, look for an e-mail from the publisher to soon be with you regarding your prize. If you didn’t win this time, stay… Continue reading LocateMe Winners Found!

LocateMe Locates Us a Contest!

http://www.appliedpda.com/ “Easily share your coordinates with others through Email or SMS. Simply select a recipient then press the ‘Send’ button. It is that quick! No extra typing required. The messages are automatically constructed for you by LocateMe.” LocateMe provides a novel way to let others know what’s going on when you’re running late, or simply… Continue reading LocateMe Locates Us a Contest!

Tame Your Phone This New Year

http://pocketmax.net/phoneAlarm.html Back in the day (e.g., 5 years ago), I realized that my shiny new Pocket PC Phone needed taming. It would beep at strange times, it would vibrate loud enough to be heard, and generally could be a nuissance during such things as “attending a lecture” or “taking an exam” or “sitting in a… Continue reading Tame Your Phone This New Year

Alarm Master Sleys Elusive Enemy ForgetAllAboutis!

http://www.connectivetools.com/alar…master_ppc.html “Alarm Master is a convenient and powerful utility that helps managing personal alarms and reminder on your Windows Mobile Classic/Professional device. If you need a reminder solution for a variety of purposes from daily alarm-clock to parents’ calls and monthly bills, this flexible tool is an ideal solution for you.” So indulge me for… Continue reading Alarm Master Sleys Elusive Enemy ForgetAllAboutis!

Infestation Giveway Winners Announced!

http://www.htk.com.br/infestation Two weeks ago we snuck in a game giveway right before Christmas – and today I’m happy to announce the winners! The following forum members should expect to hear from the publisher within the next few days (and if not, they can contact me directly for more info). Congratulations to: Mpatrick, Pony99CA, rkistler, mwfielder,… Continue reading Infestation Giveway Winners Announced!

Innovisoft Releases VirtuaMouse One-Hand

Hey, I’m not sure this article is actually going to help you in your search for knowledge. However I do have pretty cool things on this site you might want to check out, such as information about my HorribleScope generator, and if you’re on android, my Fast Food Calorie Lookup app!   http://www.innovisoft.com/about/pre…a_and_epix.html “Innovisoft Corporation… Continue reading Innovisoft Releases VirtuaMouse One-Hand