Battling Pickle Podcast Season 2 Show Notes

The BP Podcast will be back in the very near future for Season 2. This page will be updated with show notes as needed! If you’re not already subscribed, do so here! Topics this season will revolve around Abnormal Psychology & Educational Psychology! My plan is to post short 5-10 minute episodes most week days!

BP 10: Statistics!

On this week’s Battling Pickle Podcast, I talk about statistics – what they are, why correlation does not imply causation, and a bit on measurement scales. I mention Tyler Vigen’s great Spurious Correlations webpage as well!

Battling Pickle Podcast #6: Dealing with Trauma

In this episode I talk about how to deal with students who have experienced trauma in your classroom and at your institution, drawing heavily on the following resources: Trauma-Informed Practice in K-12 Schools: An Evidence-Based Practice Guide for School Administrators Trauma Doesn’t Stop at the School Door Here’s the episode: