Red Sox being Red Sox not enough in October Red Sox being Red Sox not enough in October He was proud. He was pleased. He was a peacock. He was behind 7-3. He and his Boston Red Sox were still well on their way to a 3-1 American League championship […]

Manny Being Manny–create-your-master-feed-with-yahoo-pipes-235726.php LifeHacker has a great write-up on Yahoo! Pipes, a great new service that lets you take multiple RSS feeds and integrate, filter, truncate, and do other neat things to create a customized “pipe” or channel. I use it to take multiple RSS feeds and make them into one. Quite […]

Yahoo! Pipes!

The Ultimate Link Listing TrendMicro’s Online Virus Scanner (Housecall) John Savill’s FAQ For Windows SpyBot Search & Destroy LavaSoft (Makers of Ad-aware) Sites Good For Hardware Purchasing (Comparison Shopping) (Comparison Shopping) (Comparison Shopping) (Fairly Good Deals, Nice Selection) (Selection Great, Prices […]

Ultimate Link List

Man at Gun Show Shoots Himeself in Bathroom “Faribault Police Sgt. Richard Larson said the 59-year-old man shot himself while removing his gun from a hook in a bathroom stall while attending the 31st annual Faribault Rifle and Pistol Club gun show on Sunday morning.” Damn Enchiladas… guess i’ll duck […]

Stupid People Alert: Bang Bang