As a psychologist, I often am asked questions related to children, child rearing, and development. One comment I often get from students and parents alike is that they disagree with most experts on spanking. They believe it is an effective form of punishment and (in some cases) have told me that they will not change their mind. I figured today I’d take some time to explain the reasons why spanking is wrong, giving you a chance to think about them and debate.

Spanking is Wrong for These Three Reasons

[nnwm15]   “Come over here” “Why are you whispering” “Just follow me” “I don’t want to” “Just do it” “Fine” “We’re gonna get out of here.” “How?” “I have a plan.” “It will never work.” “Sure it will – just because they think it won’t you’re gonna believe them? They […]

Chapter 9: Escape

[nnwm15] Mrs. Corum stood there, blinking several times to be sure she was seeing what she thought she saw. There sitting before her was a woman, slightly older than herself, knitting. Well, she would have been knitting, if she had actually had yarn or knitting needles, but her fingers moved […]

Chapter 2: G-ma