Oh, I was on a Podcast Before Christmas

Since we recorded it the day before I left Shreveport, I sorta forgot to mention (widely) that I teamed up with my friend Todd Ogasawara on an episode of his Mobile Views podcast entitled “Life after Windows Phone, Project Sienna, & Credit Card Security“. It was a great conversation, and perhaps the start of a few more. So if you’re bored, and want to hear me ramble on about things (along with Todd speaking much more eloquently), take a listen.

2010 in Review

OK, Since I don’t send out a Christmas letter, here’s my life update in case anyone is interested! If you aren’t, then have a Happy New Year, I hope 2011 is an awesome year for you!

Anyway, the year started a bit slow and cold. Karey and I ringed in the new year sitting in our apartment watching the ball drop, in Times Square, a place we’d gotten quite acquainted with in 2009 (The first thing most of our visitors wanted to see was Times Sq., and we had previously been there at the end of Dec. 09 to see the tree in nearby Rockefeller Plaza). 

In February, I went to my third Microsoft MVP Summit, and hung out with a lot of great people, including Darius Wey, who I met for the first time. I also spent quite a few hours with a few characters laughing ourselves silly in the Courtyard’s lobby while watching Curling. In case you ever wanted to know another name for your cell phone’s SIM card, you can thank this session of general giddiness for the term “essence” and a bunch of evil hand gestures.

March was fairly uneventful, save for the fact that I started supervising my first intern, who has since left Columbia and is now studying at NYU (I don’t think I had anything to do with that choice Winking smile).  In April, a good friend started work at Google, after having been stolen away from us at CDS. Late in that month Karey & her mom went to a Stamping convention in Akron (Who knew stampers had conventions?), and the weather finally started to get nicer.

In May I started writing my novel, Mandate, which I’d finish in mid-August. A fun experience that helped me understand the fiction writing process as I jumped into it.  Mid-month my parents came up to visit our humble Peekskill dwelling, which marked my father’s first trip on a commuter train and first trip on the m60 bus in Harlem. He was quite amused.

In June Karey, myself, Martine, and Ye drove down from NY to Pittsburgh for the BDRM conference (Karey didn’t go, she had serious mother-daughter  type things to do with her mom over the weekend). Martine stayed with us at Karey’s home, and got to see a part of America she hadn’t previously (e.g., rural life!)

In July the most memorable thing was how hot it was in NY. I also travelled up to Boston for a Boston Pocket PC Meeting, and Karey took me to the movies to see Eclipse (she likes the sparkly vampires).  Early in the month we spent some time in Ohio (Over the 4th), and later in the month I wrote a few reviews. In general a busy month.

In August I both finished Mandate and got to see Jimmy Buffett in concert for the second time! The summer slowly slipped away as we enjoyed a few final hot days, and moved into September.

And boy was September busy! I was in Austin for a few days visiting the company that does cell phone antenna testing. I was in Seattle for a few days in prep for the Windows Phone 7 launch, AND I was asked to write a book on Windows Phone 7! My second book took a few months to write, and was a great but busy experience! Sepetember also saw my intern, Cindy, start working with us at CDS.

October and November were filled with a lot of book writing, a visit from my parents, Thanksgiving, and SJDM in St. Louis. I also gave a guest lecture in Elke’s Decision making course, had a phone interview for a real job, and had breakfast with Tony as he passed through the area from Albany.  Finally that brings us to December, in which I had a flat tire on my birthday, and spent Christmas (plus a few days more) in Ohio having an awesome time with family and friends.

Along the way this year I also started teaching CCD again and began lectoring fairly often at my church. Had some really high points and some low ones, and was overall pretty content. I hope 2011 proves to be no worse, and that this time next year all of you can share with me some awesome 2011 stories as I write up my next year in review!

Happy New Year!

Still Here!

Wow, this place gets really empty when I don’t pipe in my daily activities! About 2 months ago I turned jonwestfall.com back into full blog posts, without any republishing of my content from Thoughts Media. My pings.jonwestfall.com site is broken and I haven’t fixed that yet, and I’ve been bogged down with a writing project (Windows Phone 7 book), oh, and I also resurrected NerdNewz.com and have moved some of my content over there.

So in summation, I’m still here, and still plan on writing in this Blog, just as soon as I have some time Winking smile

I’m Posting From The MVP Summit, and Sorry, There Will Be No Meaningful Content

So I am at the MVP Summit, in a room with a bunch of interesting people, and sadly I can’t give you any updates on the content (Other than to say Jack Cook is talking about suits right now, and no, suit isn’t a slang word for anything). But here are a few things I can talk about:

  • It’s great to see everyone as usual
  • Don Sorcinelli can apparently morph into a laptop bag. Be careful when he does this.
  • The move to Bellevue is a nice change in terms of location, eventhough we aren’t able to bum around downtown Seattle.
  • The reception last night (The “Welcome Reception”) was horribly executed. The room was way too small, the food kept running out, and there was no way to hold a conversation with more than 2 people without blocking someone or something.
  • Everything is supposed to be 100% green, which is great from an ethical standpoint, despite all the gas that was used to get me here from NYC.

I’ll try to get some pics for the blog, although I didn’t bring my camera (for some reason I’m not sure; but I do have a phone with a camera in it!). But for now I’ll just show this picture from Windows Phone 7 Series (.com):