Here is the only real revelation or startling thought I’ve had tonight regarding the election. Last summer, I listened heavily to the song Pary like a Rock Star and while listening to it, I thought “The Obama campaign should really use this and sing it as “Party like Barack”. That […]

President Elect Obama

I’d like to just let everyone know that I’ve decided on announcing the hugely anticipated winner of “Jon’s Official Punctuation” contest. The contest was long, lenghty, and protracted (and all of the above) and it was a tough choice. Many had much to offer, few had little merit. Ampersand & […]

My Official Punctuation

Artichokes are one of my favorite foods, however I find that many people are downright scared by the things when they see them in the grocery store.  After all, they do look like a strange green vegetable that you’d probably never want to eat.  Recently, artichoke dips have become very […]

Awesome Artichokes!