3 bags, 1 hr 20 min Well, Lawn Wars 5, not waged by me, was fought last Sunday, and today is Thursday.  Normally I would have let it go a bit longer, but the weather forecast calls for rain from now until forever, so I figured I better cut today […]

Lawn Wars #6

(This was actually written on Sunday, but backdated accordingly) Waged Lawn Wars 3 this morning against the grass which took 6 bags but that’s mostly because it started clumping since it was still damp.  The weather for sunday said rain, and if that comes true, waiting till sunday would have been a […]

Lawn Wars #3

Ah, the posts they get later as the Jon gets up later. Today I arose around noon, an excellent time to get up, after falling asleep around 1. 11 hours of sleep is the best! Now, what to do today. Well, the weather is still a bit cool, but I […]

Day 3 Of Nothingness