First Goal Hit & Thoughts on Owning a Scale


Note: I totally meant to write this last week, however other tasks came up that stopped me. So this is actually two entries at once. The bold part is what I’m writing today, and the part that begins “Nearly 4 weeks ago” was started last week (albeit finished today). Before we get to thoughts on owning a scale, let me talk about the graph above. It’s my weight loss pattern for the past month that I’ve been keeping accurate records. As you can see, for the past 2 days I’ve been under 400lb. This was my first goal. Next goal will be 380 or so. We’ll see how long that takes. Of course, I’d have no idea what my weight was if it wasn’t for this: Continue reading “First Goal Hit & Thoughts on Owning a Scale”

Public Service Announcement

So a full RCIP update will be coming later this week, but until then, here is Jon’s public service announcement for those of you thinking of trying to eat healthier breakfasts on the go:

Dannon Light and Fit 60 calorie yogurt containers should have “fragile” written on them

On a related note, I’m glad I don’t carry much in my bag’s front flap. Oh, and if you need tips on cleaning a Galaxy Tab which may have tried to eat some yogurt, ask me around 8:30 this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Like I said, full update coming soon. Nearing a major milestone!