Long Time No Entry

This month has been pretty busy, hence my journal posts have suffered. Last time I posted I was in pittsburgh. We got back up here and I spent the next 3 days after it running around like crazy (Between UT and other points of interest). The semester started this week at UT, so I’ve been working on… well… work for classes and such, and contemplating motivating myself to work on my thesis and other projects!

Haven’t Posted in Days!

Well, I haven’t posted in days, but i decided to post something before I head out today for Karey’s. Greg’s graduation party is saturday, so tomorrow we’ll probably be heading all over pittsburgh getting stuff for her mother. Perhaps we’ll stop at T-Mo and get her switched over. Her phone number will remain the same (so anyone with her 724-777 number will have it still) and she’ll get a new phone / better service.
Well, catch everyone later.