Musing: What Digital Pictures Mean for Us Psychologically

A quick look at my Dropbox Camera Upload directory reveals that I take about 3-5 photos a day on average. They range from awesome to mundane, moments to remember, and moments that after a task is done, should be forgettable. But I save them all, because it’s too much work to weed through them and I don’t want to miss any golden ones. Tonight I wonder how this will change society psychologically over the next 30 years.

A Screenshot of my Camera Upload Directory
A Screenshot of my Camera Upload Directory

My parents have photo albums that have 10-20 photos per year in them. They are generally key moments, or at least moments when a camera with film in it was handy. There are no pictures of receipts, white boards, lunch, or random people seen in Walmart. But today we take all those types of photos, and more. And in 30 years, I might have around 1,400 photos per year = 42,000 photos that span a giant chunk of my life. What will this mean? Continue reading “Musing: What Digital Pictures Mean for Us Psychologically”

I’m Skeptical

Candle Fail

fail owned pwned pictures

This entry makes me suspicious. Maybe it’s the laptop being a bit older that makes me wonder how awesome it would be to take a junker laptop and create this “failblog” entry. But perhaps I’m just trying to make up excuses for this horrible sight.

Houston At Night

Well, after taking these pictures I found out that my mother took a spill outside… Always interesting. Nothing Major, but waiting for a doctor just to check alls-well.