[nnwm15]   After Ryan’s apology, the group eventually returned to their discussion of summer camps. Mara hadn’t ever been to one, in fact, she’d never participated in any non-mandatory activity. Her parents sent her to school, but they never had much interest in sending her elsewhere. She told the group […]

Chapter 25: The Coma

Anna sat up in the bed and yawned. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but lying there sleep had taken hold. It was dark out now, the afternoon sun fading into darkness. She felt groggy, and disoriented from her unexpected slumber. She staggered over to her desk and sat down […]

#54 Waking Up

This morning I had to pick up a vehicle from the mechanics and while it was raining and around 50 degrees out I had the wild idea to walk up there (Rather than drive up and pay, then pick up the car tomorrow). So I put on my earbuds (attached […]

A Long Walk…master_ppc.html “Alarm Master is a convenient and powerful utility that helps managing personal alarms and reminder on your Windows Mobile Classic/Professional device. If you need a reminder solution for a variety of purposes from daily alarm-clock to parents’ calls and monthly bills, this flexible tool is an ideal solution for […]

Alarm Master Sleys Elusive Enemy ForgetAllAboutis!